Michael Armitage and Contemporary Art Even You Will Like

Contemporary a(rt)dversion and how to cure it

Why Contemporary Art Annoys You

The first thing I should probably reveal about myself, if I were to try my best and keep certain credibility, is that I am writing as an arts layperson. Whilst I have always been candidly partial to modern art, I have, hitherto, struggled to get along with its contemporary sibling.

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Comedian, Maurizio Cattelan 2019

How To Make Peace With It

Self-education and research got me (almost) through this skeptical and rebellious phase of my thought. If you are still stuck there, you should give yourself time and let Michael Armitage take your hand and walk you through his colourful thought-provoking paintings.

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Michael Armitage

‘His paintings render — sometimes rough — East African stories through a quite clearly European-shaped hand.’

Armitage has in fact acknowledged Western masters like Gauguin, Goya, and Manet as important points of reference for his work. What makes this young artist so fascinating is how his eclectic multicultural background is reflected in his oeuvre.

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The Paradise Edict, 2019
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What You Should Do Next

Stop referring to Contemporary Art as the conspiracy of a bunch of avid pranksters and go discover the work of Armitage and other artists like Njideka Akunyili Crosby, Cecily Brown, and Jenny Saville just to name a few.

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